Interview: The Case for ‘Latine’

This past weekend we joined the Jesse Garcia Show to discuss Call me Latine. The Jesse Garcia Show focuses on politics, culture, art, storytelling and history, from a LGBT Latino point of view. 

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Latines: We are a mixed people

I grew up in the Rio Grande Valley, the most southern region of Texas, in a small town called Brownsville. While I grew up in classrooms full of Garcias, Sanchezes, and Cardenases, my last name was Lee.

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Pronouns: Ele vs Elle

Today we’re looking at the pronouns Ele vs Elle. Ele (pronounced el•eh) and Elle (pronounced eh•yeh) are both gender-neutral pronouns used by advocates in Spanish.

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An Open Letter to Allies

Dear allies, I’m often asked to compare the term Latine with the term Latinx. It’s hard to do this because the terms developed separate from each other, in two very different contexts. Latine is an identity and term created by queer, gender non-binary, and feminist communities in Spanish speaking countries. Latine did not develop as…

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Remove Gender.

There’s a lot of emphasis on cisgender men in our culture. Latines know it and have seen it in their families, friends, and faith communities.

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